1. The Cockroach

    I caught a cockroach in a jar and left it on a shelf. Then I thought, its about as likely as that cockroach understanding everything in the room outside the jar as humans on earth understanding the infinite. Not going to space is like not opening the top of the jar.


  3. been doing aquariums for a while I guess. #aquariums

  4. in the highest peaks of Toronto’s forest canopies is where sometimes Seb is.

  5. #selfie

  6. I have a weird garbage can.

  7. The Museum of Seb’s Perception of @anthonydouglascooper

  8. The Museum of Seb’s Perception of the Natural. #sculpture #aquarium #art #fish Thanks to vsvsvs for all their help and hospitality.

  9. hoverboard technology development #backtothefuture

  10. gonna get up to some stuff today

  11. come see the show at 25 polson tonight! Its got a lot of invertebrates.

  12. have you been thinking, “Seb says he’s an artist, but where are his art shows?” well here’s one, and its got fish!!

    Opening will be held June 21st from 5pm onward at the gracious VSVSVS Gallery on 25 Polson street by the sound academy.

  13. installing and figuring it out.

  14. tank media. looking around inside the scapes I carry around.

  15. #movie poster illustration for @durikosa ‘s ‘Fisherman’ a film in the abduction series. #illustration #drawing #film #cinema Check out Marcs awesome work on YouTube and the internet!!